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It's time to put away! Less office clutter makes you more productive, data show (INFOGRAPHIC)

Want to increase productivity in your office? It's time to unclutter, tidy up and leave these workstations uncluttered and radiantly clean!

An infographic by Cleaning Services Group, a provider of domestic and commercial cleaning services, shows the direct correlation between clean, tidy office space and a more productive work day.

How a Clean Office Increases Productivity

When offices and work surfaces are not clean, viruses can linger on phones and keyboards for 24 hours. The computer graphics claim that an unhygienic office is the cause of at least part of the nine days of work lost due to illness each year.

The computer graphics quote an interesting study from Harvard University, involving the productivity of students tasked with working in environments of different levels of clutter. The study found that students who worked in a clutter-free workspace could work regularly for 7.5 minutes longer than students attempting the task in a cluttered workspace. The study concluded that a messy workspace can "undermine the persistence of people to complete tasks."

Working in a clean and tidy work environment means that you are less likely to be distracted by objects that clutter up a workspace, so clean offices can lead to increased concentration, notes Lt. infographics.

Common sense suggests that with less time wasted looking for important documents, a tidy and well-organized office leads to a more productive day. In fact, the search for lost documents equates to companies losing about $ 2.5 million in lack of productivity, according to data from the International Data Corporation.

Not only are workers less likely to waste their time in a cluttered office, but they are also less stressed because clutter and disorder can lead to trying to focus on too many things at once, increasing thus the stress levels.

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Similar to how a clean home makes people feel better, a tidy work environment can lead to a happier work force with good morale.

Here's the complete infographics of the Cleansing Services group on "How a Clean Office Can Boost Productivity".

Image: Cleaning Services Group