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Job seekers can now apply for your job offer Facebook from the site

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If you are looking for a job, you can now use Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) to search and apply in local businesses directly on the site in more than 40 countries.

Job seekers can now apply for jobs on Facebook

When Facebook authorized job offers on its site in February 2017, it was restricted to the United States and Canada. But with 70 million companies on Facebook already using the platform to communicate with potential employees, making it official globally was the next natural step.

Local businesses are mostly small businesses and employ more than half of the US labor force. And the percentage is also high everywhere in the world. Gathering both sides on Facebook provides a forum for more open communications to find the right person.

This was highlighted by one of the Facebook companies pointed in its press page. Ben, director of operations at Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline park in Illinois, said, "We had more good candidates to apply via Facebook … It was also a lot easier to watch applications on Facebook, and I think it was easier "Sky Zone has filled 11 posts after receiving more than 200 candidacies on Facebook

If you are a merchant

You can create job offers from your page with details about what you are proposing and what you are looking for in a candidate. The message will then appear in the news feed, the Marketplace page, the Company page, and the Dashboard. The position can also be improved so that you can reach the most suitable candidates for the position.

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When applicants meet, you can contact them, schedule interviews, and send automatic reminders directly to Messenger's help.

Separating your personal and professional profiles

One of the challenges for candidates on social media is the content on personal profiles. Businesses are now looking at social media accounts to gauge their potential employees. And having your personal and professional profile on one site can provide more information than you are willing to provide.

It is important to remember that you have options regarding the privacy setting of your social media page. And by separating your professional and personal page and implementing the right privacy setting, you can prevent this embarrassing image from landing in the HR department.

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