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Kittyhawk adds automated multipoint flight to its drone control software

The all-in-one drone management app Kittyhawk has added another feature: automated multipoint flights. This is an essential feature for many commercial UAV applications and tests, and the less you need applications and platforms to complete a task, the better.

Kittyhawk (not to be confused with Larry Page and Kitty Hawk by Sebastian Thrun) is an application that combines many of the most frequently needed services: preflight checklists, airspace maps, hyperlocal weather, flight planning, secure video live, and now, direct flight automation via waypoints.

It's pretty simple: just set the location of your house and then start choosing the coordinates, altitudes and attitudes – as well as some aesthetic choices as if you want the drone ends his turns.

With a useful touch that can help you avoid embarrassing flight problems, the system will not let you set waypoints outside the range of the drone or control radio. So, not accidentally fat-fingering a flight path that takes your Phantom a few thousand miles away.

There are many options available for the many new commercial and semi-pro drone operations popping up everywhere, but it never hurts to add more features or collect them in one application convenient. The new features are expected soon, but the company has not provided a date.