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Kradle Launches Small Business Management Software

Kradle announces a new software package designed to help small and medium-sized businesses in all industries manage their operations.

The company claims its product as a self-managed software allowing companies to realize their competitive potential. Kradle provides small businesses with resource planning software capabilities at an affordable price, low learning curve and fast implementation.

As small businesses expand their digital presence through e-commerce, social media, and global availability around the clock, effective management of their operations becomes more complex. What Kradle intends to do is provide sets of business resource planning tools so that small businesses can get the same information as big business to compete and succeed.

Kradle CEO Michael Haddon said the software is leveling the playing field for small and medium-sized businesses. In a press release, he adds, "They now have access to tools that enable them to become more efficient, productive and profitable." This includes eliminating repetitive and manual tasks to focus on value-added activities.


The software platform of Kradle

Kradle was designed so that users could create and manage data models specific to their needs and their business sector, with appropriate workflows. Once they have set up a system, they can analyze operational performance to gain the knowledge needed to be more productive and grow.

With Kradle, you are not limited to the number of preconfigured workflow templates and layouts that limit your flexibility and growth potential. You are in charge of the configurations that you have put in place with unlimited variations. And all the data you generate is stored and managed in the secure database of the enterprise hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Kradle modules include a database manager and manager, a business process manager, and business analytics. With these modules, you can create your own template, expose weaknesses and build on strengths, as well as create, assign and manage custom tasks.


Kradle begins his 30-day free trial with no hidden fees or credit card number. If you want to switch to paid services, three levels are priced according to the annual billing. Money is for small businesses and it will cost you $ 49 per month per user. Gold is for medium-sized or growing businesses at $ 79 per month per user, and Platinum will address large and complex businesses for $ 119 per month per user.

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