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Leo Messi The Next Follower of Blockchain Celebrities

The long chain of celebrity endorsers for Blockchain technology companies continues to grow. Leo Messi, known as FC Barcelona, ​​is considered the best football player in the world. Messi has signed a sponsorship deal to represent SIRIN LABS, a company that creates Blockchain-based material for the crypto community.

The company has released the SOLARIN, the super secure mobile phone and is now ready to release an all-a PC, called FINNEY, for Blockchain enthusiasts who will make the Blockchain integration much more user-friendly. The Messi endorsement aims to open a wider audience for those who have never heard of Blockchain technology. In a paid promotional Facebook post, Messi said:

"I'm usually busy decentralizing defenses and after digging deeper into Blockchain and decentralized systems, I'm happy to join SIRIN LABS as ambassador make Blockchain more user-friendly with their next operating system for smartphones! "

IOTA again

The network of SIRIN LABS devices is connected by technology Tangle of IOTA, a 'block-block' & # 39; transaction network without charge. IOTA made the headlines after surpassing Ripple as the fourth largest play. The jump came as a result of news that the company had signed a major contract with Microsoft, Fujitsu and others.