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LifeDoor funds the production version of its fire door closers

At CES in January, I was pleasantly surprised by the LifeDoor, a clever gadget that is worth being purchased. These small boxes automatically close doors when smoke detectors are triggered, preventing the spread of fire and smoke. The company is moving towards KickStarter to fund the production version of the device, which has several improvements over the prototype I've seen.

The simplicity and practicality of the device made it a star at a show flooded with unnecessary debris; the small team basically made a gadget that automatically does what the firefighters all insist: close the door in case of fire. This can be difficult to remember to do or apply, but the LifeDoor does it so that you do not have to do it either.

The installation, on any standard door hinge, should not take more than a minute or two. It does not detect smoke or heat, but rather uses your smoke detectors and other gadgets. Instead, he listens to the beep when the smoke is detected and closes the door quickly (but gently). It will then turn on and sound its own alarm in case you do not hear the first one or the door cut the noise.

The version I saw worked well, but it was printed in 3D and the team was still making improvements. The production device is only about two-thirds the size of the prototype, which was not too important to start. The new box should also help detect alarm signals. The microphone subsystem will also remain inactive unless you hear something, save energy and allow the LifeDoor to run for two years on a single battery.

Right now they are looking to raise $ 50,000 on Kickstarter – they go for just under $ 100 each. I guess all the lenders are firefighters. I can honestly say that if I had a real home, I would buy some of these things in a second. I will let myself go to shilling accusations here because, unlike most smart home trinkets, this one is more than useful – it could save lives.

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