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Lightning! LN Mainnet reaches 1,000 knots

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The Lightning Network (LN) recorded another historic performance over the weekend, the LN network having reached 1,000 active nodes for the first time in its short history.

The main Lightning network reaches 1,000 active nodes

This is despite the fact that this nascent second layer technology, considered by many as a solution to the Bitcoin scale dilemma, remains in the alpha phase and has not yet been received. production version.

 lightning network "width =" 942 "height =" 900
Lightning Network Nodes and Pay Channels | Source: Twitter / Armin van Bitcoin

The network holds only 4.5 billion BTC, or about 43,000 USD at the current exchange rate, and nearly 40% of the nodes connected to the network do not do not have active payment channels.

 lightning network "width =" 904 "height =" 340
LN Nodes with (blue) and without (green) open payment channels | Source: BitcoinVisuals


Lightning speed towards adoption by the user

Even more remarkable is the speed with which users have flocked to the main LN network, a clear indication that the enthusiasm for this scale technology remains high.

As CCN reported, the LN testnet was launched in December, but it was not long before brave (or perhaps foolhardy) users started to configure mainnet LN nodes as well.

In January, TorGuard VPN provider began accepting LN mainnet payments and, before long, the company had received the first verified LN transaction including the sale of a physical product.

Last month, the Austrian start-up Coinfinity executed the first ATM Bitcoin LN transaction. Then LN mainnet added its thousandth payment channel, a development that took place shortly before Zap – a multiplatform LN wallet – received a beta release. Finally, Laszlo Hanyecz – better known as the first Bitcoin user who spent 10,000 BTC on a pizza in 2010 – christened the Lightning Network with a similar transaction.

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Meanwhile, the beta version of the Lightning software seems to be approaching its release, but we do not know when it will happen.

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