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Litecoin is preparing to approach the $ 200 Monster Rally

Due to the recent hype of Bitcoin earlier this week, Litecoin (LTC) reacted with a massive race. Cryptocurrency is now approaching a 100% price increase only 24 hours after the cooling of Bitcoin.

Litecoin Raised

The price of Litecoin is rapidly moving towards $ 200, marking the LTC as the sixth. the largest market capitalization of nearly $ 9 billion

Recently, there was fear of a "flippening", with Bitcoin Cash threatening to overtake Bitcoin's place as that main cryptocurrency. However, if current trends continue, a different downturn may occur as Litecoin's market capitalization may overshadow that of BCH.

Litecoin Supports Bitcoin

Litecoin has historically played a fundamental role as a tester for Bitcoin, implementing potential BTC additions in a smaller, more controlled environment to see how successfully they can to be or not to be.

The creator of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, maintained a favorable attitude towards Bitcoin. Litecoin will not move away from its role in the near future.