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LIV launches a bold and bold chronograph for race lovers

LIV Watches is a crowdfunding darling with a number of Kickstarted watches at his belt. Now, it offers a unique set of watches to backers, including the Liv Genesis GX-AC, an automatic chronograph with date. The watch works with a Sellita Caliber SW500, visible through the transparent back, and features a screw-down crown and massive metal pushers.

The company prides itself on the size of its watches and this piece is no exception. The GX-AC is not very big – at 46mm, it's just a little larger than most Android watches Wear – and it fits well thanks to a rounded elastic that marries the top and bottom of the case. There is a small second hand which turns at nine o'clock and which records for minutes and hours at noon and six o'clock.

If you've seen automatic chronographs before you know what you're looking for – a standard recessed movement in a special steel case designed to attract a certain demographic. LIV is also launching several other watches, including a Day-Date inspired flight chronograph and a diver, so check them out. However, if you are in this room, then you are in a treat. It starts at $ 790, far below most mechanical chronographs I have seen, and the performance and quality of this piece is rather nice.

I wore it a bit over the last few weeks and found it very comfortable and easy to read. The seconds hand is a little small and the volume is limited to glitches and hands, but as a piece of fashion / everyday wear it is excellent. If you particularly like the style – the F1 race meets Kylo Ren – then you will probably love this thing and since they have already exceeded their goal and reached $ 602,000, you can expect the delivery of your benefit.

Again, watches like this require a specific style and taste. The LIV is reminiscent of Alpina and Tissot in its style and decoration and pays homage to racing and speed. Entering a Swiss made watch for less than $ 1000 is a pleasure and it is a good example of the species and is well worth a look.

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