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Local SEO for SMEs: Trends for 2018

In recent years, thousands of companies that have opted for SEO positioning have experienced significant success in their respective markets. But how can you achieve a good SEO position? Today, there are hundreds of alternatives to position your business on the Web, however, one strategy that has proven effective for SMEs as well as for the self employed is the local SEO.

Contrary to Cameron Poetzscher and Uber, the gurus of the business world, many SMEs focus their efforts on standing out from their local competitors. For such a business model, it is not necessary to position oneself internationally because they do not have the resources to offer their services to foreign markets. Instead, opting for local SEO strategies is the most successful option for success.

So, what are the best local SEO trends for SMEs in 2018?

Enter your company in all web directories

Commercial and professional directories have always been the ideal place to search and find local services. Nowadays, these directories have mainly migrated to the Internet where they offer new platforms and innovative applications that facilitate the search for SMEs and independent workers.

The management of search engines have seen the potential of web directories, and therefore offer an excellent positioning of these platforms. By entering your business in the web directories, you will benefit from their positioning.

By compiling a detailed and concise list of the services offered by your company, you can gain many benefits from these platforms.

Focus on social networks

Social networks were the first to use geolocation systems. Users can upload photos and videos of their daily activities with tags from where they are. By simply opening a Local Google+ page, formerly Google Places, you can find a notification on Google Maps that shows the address, contact information, time and web domain. For example, when a user searches for "Miami Lawyers", the most relevant options will appear for the city, both on the map and on the search page.

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But how do you make your business one of the most relevant? Google takes into account the opinions of its users as well as the interaction of these with the various technological platforms.

Making promotions that encourage customers to give their opinion on Google+ Local or encourage the use of commercial tags in photos and videos that they share on social networks is an excellent strategy for search engines. search to identify you as a relevant company.

It's also an effective marketing strategy. When a customer shares a photo of their interaction with your company, with its respective label and highlighting your fabulous service, all your contacts will know the quality and services provided by your company

The future points to virtual reality

Google has been working in virtual reality for years and is offering more and more tools to take advantage of this innovative technology. For this reason, companies that implement advertising material with virtual reality on their websites have a lot of points in their favor; In addition to offering quality material, they also contribute to one of Google's most ambitious projects.

Virtual reality promises to be the best advertising material for restaurants, gyms, resorts, spas, inns, real estate, etc. offering an incomparable experience to the user, which can be enjoyed anywhere thanks to a smartphone and VR glasses. To mass and democratize the enjoyment of virtual reality, Google has launched Google Cardboard, practical and economical glasses cardboard.

Expect more users to opt for virtual reality ads in the near future. Virtual reality is here to stay.

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