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Looking for the Big Token Sale? Join Banca WhiteList

BancaLooking for the Big Token Sale? Join Banca Whitelist

There is an ongoing industrial revolution and blockchain technology is at its center. Banca is now a part of this revolution as it builds a new type of investment bank community based on blockchain technology. Banca also called ‘Wall Street on Blockchain’ is bringing a revolutionalized idea of disrupting and solving the internal dilemma of traditional investment banks. By providing a system of business protocol and trust mechanism based on QTUM Blockchain technology, Banca will be able to prevent the moral hazards existing in the centralized management of traditional investment banks.The decentralized banking community built upon AI technology and backed by QTUM will allow it’s users invest in ICOs by February 10 and will end on February 12. Banca is offering a total supply of 20,000,000,000 BANCS at an ICO conversion of 1BANC for $0.03. Banca’s Token is currently under Token Sale Event and you can join Banca’s Whitelist for this amazing offer.

All transactions of the Banca Investment Banking Community is facilitated by the Banca token. The token which is the heartbeat of all the transactions carried out on the platform will enable the administrators in providing value-added services to community members. The Banca ICO has a token economics that pays crucial attention to network value. By having a capped ICO with a soft cap of $15million and a hard cap of $20million, Banca seems to be in a sweet spot. Banca would not just be capturing this network value for the project alone. It will also be analyzing big data with the use of AI and expert systems to utilize and deliver accurate services to various stakeholders based on their needs.

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Banca’s team has accumulated a track record of experience and success in intelligent robot-advising and big data analysis. Banca’ s CEO Linda Chen has a 12-year-old experience in investment management on Wall Street investment banks as well as experience in private hedge funds and the operational management of startups. The Director of Digital Currency Investment Products, Leo Li also has a wealth of experience in financial product design having professionally worked as a senior financial products designer. Banca has a strong team of experts who are transparent about your ICO investment.

Banca’s ICO is offering more to investors as it seeks to provide a solution to a real-world problem. Banca is a cryptocurrency investment bankers community which utilizes AI to track the performance of all primary and secondary market projects running on its platform. The unique performance evaluation process which happens to be dynamic and smart maintains the data on blockchain and generates incorruptible automatic reports. Reports and results generated will determine the community’s trust and reward system which is based on QTUM technology. The Banca team is hoping that with the expansion of blockchain technology to more industries, more opportunities would be gained for investment in the banking industry.

Banca has a user base that will help it in achieving network effects through engagement and size. Banca has its community on Telegram, Bitcointalk forum, Reddit, Twitter etc. You can become a part of Banca’s token Community by joining its Whitelist. Even after Banca token sales, you will still be updated will also on the status of the project since you are now part of their user base. In the next two days, Banca’s token sale will begin with an offering of a total of 20,000,000,000 BANC. Early investors will get 12% of this offering, ICO will get a total of 35% while Banca’s team would get 18%, marketing and operations and co-developers will get 18% and 16% respectively. Join Banca’s whitelist to gain access to this offer.

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