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MAD Network – Fixing the Advertising Industry with Blockchain Technology

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In recent years, the ad-tech supply chain and the general advertising market have grown considerably. However, the market is still plagued by various problems, such as the presence of middlemen, who often strive to maximize their income, rather than sharing it fairly with advertisers and publishers.

In addition, services such as machine learning for placing ads are marketed as luxury services, hence their high price. Other issues facing the market include the opacity of the supply chain, the loss of advertising dollars due to interest on profitability, data leakage and more.

Using blockchain technology, MAD Network created a consensus mechanism based on a real work proof algorithm. Its main purpose is to trivialize these services, while matching relevant ads with available inventory, and further securing the network.

To put things in perspective, the Algorithm of Choice helps the ad server to facilitate the fairest and most equitable transaction between publishers and advertisers, eliminating the need for advertising. a traditional intermediary.

The MAD Network project is based on three layers: MADnet Books, MADnet Data and MADnet Core.

Description of the service

MADnet Books – This service represents a decentralized payment system, based on MADtoken. The goal is to create a tokenized market, where the value of the print can be exchanged so that the presence of the network reduces advertising expenses while providing a transparent network that actively punishes the price manipulation of n & # 39; any shape.

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MADnet Core – Supported by the payment rail, the MADnet Core is the ad server, which was designed to carry out the buying and selling of advertising services, supported by the proof of real work algorithm as described above.

MADnet Data – Last, but not least, this service is a data management platform whose purpose is to manage governance, in addition to the accounting of the database. 39, use of data. In addition, data rights management services are also provided, ensuring value for all involved members.

To help raise capital for the project, but also to provide a better way to make payments within the platform, the MADtoken was created. MADtoken is the only way for participants to access the features associated with services.

With the help of smart contracts advertisers can put the token into play to make insertion orders, but also to specify how certain advertising services must be run.


Based on all that has been described so far, the MAD Network can be considered as an answer to the most common problems of the advertising industry. By removing the opacity of the supply chain, the profit-seeking intermediaries and the data leaks, the advertising market can be vastly improved, resulting in lower costs, better services, more conversions and many other benefits.