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MailChimp Launches GDPR Compliance Tools for Small Businesses

The launch of MailChimp's new tools for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will make your life easier when dealing with individuals or companies in Europe.

The GDPR rules apply to organizations based in the European Union as well as to companies that have customers and contacts there. MailChimp says it wants to simplify the GDPR preparation process with easy-to-use tools to make sure you'll be compliant with the new requirements.

For small businesses communicating with individual customers or other organizations in the EU, it is necessary to start taking steps to comply with them, if it is not already done. As MailChimp sees it, the efforts it takes to comply with GDPR can also benefit you and your small business.


The law gives consumers the right to understand what kind of data is collected about them with the right to specify and update permissions. This means that they can choose the type of content that they receive or quickly opt out of subscriptions via e-mail. According to MailChimp, this type of control can result in fewer unsubscriptions and spam complaints.

The company argues that new rules can result in a higher number of deliverability, because your customers are getting exactly what they want.

GDPR MailChimp Tools

MailChimp will publish the tools in early April, which will happen more than a month before the deadline of May 25, the date of entry into force of the GDPR. But in the meantime, the company recommends that you prepare yourself by consulting its guide (PDF).

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If you have a MailChimp account, including the free version, you will receive updates to ensure that you will be compliant with GDPR. Recommendations include getting your customers' consent with GDPR-friendly fields for all hosted forms connected to your account, including landing pages, pop-ups and more.

MailChimp also keeps complete records of each version of the forms with the consent agreed by the client so that you can prove your cause if there is ever a dispute.

Another important feature is that you can quickly process subscriber data requests. With the new GDPR rules, subscribers can request that their data be changed at any time. MailChimp already allows you to export the list and see the timestamp, timestamp, IP address and more for any subscriber.

MailChimp says that it will simplify the access and management of your customers' data in the coming weeks. Once the changes are implemented, the change requests you receive can be made in one step from your account.

MailChimp says you can visit his What's New page to stay informed about the latest developments.

Image: MailChimp