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Major Things to start with when it comes to New Roof Replacement

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It is certain that many house owners will face some roofing problems at one point of their life which will require new roof installation. At the first stage, the thought of getting a new roof replacement including the financial aspects can be devastating for some people, and most particularly for those that love to research before starting their home improvement project.

Nevertheless, you can consider the suggestions made in this article to ease the stress in replacing your existing roof. Most importantly, never forget that it is vital to hire an experienced and licensed new roof replacement contractor to guide you through the process. Here are the most important steps to take when improving your roofing system.

Contact a Qualified (GAF certified) roofing contractor.

A roofing contractor who has a vast experience in this field can’t be put behind the plan. Roofers are like the pilot in the roofing industry, they can guide you in all roofing aspect starting from financing your new roof replacement, choosing the right material, selecting the best color that would suite your environment and lot more. However, ensure that you choose the professional contractor because a wrong selection would definitely ruin the entire project.

Inspect the Roof

After choosing the qualified roofing contractor, it is expected of the roofer to start the entire process by conducting a full roof inspection, if the roofer fails to do this, terminate the contract with him immediately.

At the point of the inspection, the roofer will closely assess and examine the condition of the roofing components, including the downspouts, gutter screen, vents, skylights, flashing and lot more. They will check for weaken or vulnerable spots, holes, storm damages, cracks, water leaks etc.

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After the inspection, the roofer will report their finding to you and advice on what you need to do. Most of the time, they take pictures of their findings and show it to their client. Then if you love the way they work, you can go ahead with them and let them assist you with your insurance claim as well as seek advice on financing.

Insurance Claim

For roofs that were damage by storm, you will have to contact your insurance company to file a claim if your policy holding covers it. An insurance company will schedule a time for and adjuster to come to your residence and conduct their own inspection. If the level of damages caused by storm is the same with both adjuster and contractor, an estimate for the cost of repairs is finalized.

If it is mortgages, it is common for the mortgage company’s name to be in the insurance check too. If such happens, they will need to endorse the check, as well as yourself before it can be deposited into your account.

During the roof replacement or repair, if the cost increase, either from missing something during the inspection or material needed, you have to fill what is known as “a supplemental claim” with your insurance company.


After the hiring, inspection and insurance claim, the next process is tearing-off and reconstruction of the roof. It is expecting that your roofing company give you a checklist of what they will be doing as well as the time frame, construction process, landscape protection etc. Professional roofing contractors will always consider the warranty specifications if they are fixing your roof.

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In conclusion, always go for reliable roofing contractors that can be reach out to 24/7. Go for contractor that has a website to know their credibility. Also you can ask for recommendation from you neighbor.