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MakeX Announces the First 3D Printing Backpack

In the year 2020, when the Earth will be invaded by aliens, the Galactic Council of Alien Life will order that all children must walk around with 3D printing backpacks. Why not get ahead with the MakeX Migo Backpack that lets you take care of your very small 3D printer wherever you go?

This wild and transparent backpack is designed to hold a 3D Migo printer (the thing MakeX is really trying to sell). The backpack fits perfectly to the Migo and offers maximum visibility for your 3D printer thanks to the transparent outer envelope.

The printer itself is pretty standard. It prints ABS or PLA plastic and includes modeling software. It weighs about 4 pounds and has a construction envelope of 100x120x100 mm, which means you can print things like smaller figurines and other fun patterns. Early risers get the printer for $ 219 and the backpack will be a $ 70 addition.

3D printers are basically commodities, but by adding wacky but endearing things like this fun backpack, manufacturers really take 3D printing to the next level – and not so obvious –