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Making Common Commodity Markets

Jim Rogers, the famous president of Rogers Holdings, has already summarized the reason for buying products when he quipped : "The price of a commodity will never be zero. When you invest in commodities futures, you do not buy paper stating that you own an intangible business that may go bankrupt.

Like nothing else in the world, commodities trading offers investors buy and hold real and tangible assets that can not be written off at zero. The problem for many investors is that the commodities market is extremely complex to enter and is designed to keep small investors out and serve large giant corporations.

In fact, the commodity market of $ 2 is the definition of centralization, with the vast majority of trade taking place in a few places around the world, with big players receiving discounts that make small investors unable to enter. Everything is about to change thanks to Blockchain technology

Blockchain and commodities

Blockchain technology radically changes the way raw materials can be traded, thanks to a new platform called ChainTrade. ChainTrade has designed a system to move commodity exchanges (futures and options on commodities, food, etc.) to a decentralized Blockchain.

The objective of the platform is to allow all potential customers to participate in trading, whether large or small investors. As the system is decentralized, the fees charged to merchants will decrease significantly and traditional commodity contracts will be replaced by better and more efficient smart contracts.

Moreover, because the contracts of purchase and sale are smart digital contracts, traders can actively engage from all over the world with an Internet connection.

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The concept originated from the Blue Tiger Group, a firm with more than 90 employees and offices in six different countries. The group has already invested in artificial intelligence, business software and financial and other industries. Looking at the commodity market, they realized the potential of Blockchain technology

Like anything else in the world, Blockchain technology is able to open the commodity markets to the world of investors of small and medium size. At the same time, ChainTrade will help provide a simple and robust way for business level traders to have access and control.

ICO and Financing

Having already received $ 9 million in seed funding, the company is actively pursuing its ICO. The company is seeking to raise approximately $ 10 million in additional funds to fully complete the trading infrastructure. They have already collected more than half of these funds via the ICO

The sale is for the CTC chips, the internal instrument of the platform. Interested investors should read the company's detailed white paper in order to find out more.

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