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MakiPlace Helps Designers and Developers Sell Their Products to Small Business

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MakiPlace is a digital asset marketplace created by a growing global community of designers and developers with 33,121 members.

Designers and developers have 1845 products in 355 stores providing graphic templates, web fonts and fonts, CMS themes, website templates, scripts, and code and application templates . MakiPlace is a one-stop shop for almost everything you need to get your digital presence up and running.

Graphic Design Market

For a small business looking for an affordable digital asset, MakiPlace is another option in an increasingly crowded segment. For designers and developers, small or independent, it's an opportunity to sell their work and access a new clientele.

The company claims to want to solve the challenges that designers and developers face when promoting and selling their work, while providing a fair sharing system when products are sold. On the company's blog, Thanh Luu, co-founder, CEO and head of the community, says, "Our goal, simple and clear, is to help sellers do what they want. love and help buyers find what they need. difficult to get your products the exposure they need, you deserve it. "



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For Sellers

If you sell your services on MakiPlace, the platform has been designed so that you can open a store quickly and easily, add products and start selling in minutes.

When a salesperson places a product on the site, he is examined individually by the company's personnel to make sure he respects the promises. Staff will also help you create better images for your product, download it, and write a product description.

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Once in your shop, you can sell individual products or subscription services that you can promote without initial fees. This includes promotional campaigns for special events and vacations with sales support from MakiPlace.

For commissions, non-exclusive sellers receive 50% of each sale for items sold on the site. And exclusive sellers receive 55 to 75% of each sale for items sold exclusively on MakiPlace.

Vendors have access to sales tracking tools, store management and interaction with customers by responding to reviews.

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Why buy at MakiPlace?

MakiPlace promises to give buyers a platform they can trust with purchase protection that states: "You will receive a 100% refund for every penny" if the product is defective and does not deliver functionality or functionality that the seller has insured.

The company also claims that it has world class security to protect your information through dedicated security experts.

Prices vary depending on the type of product or service you purchase, including many special offers and gifts offered to customers.

MakiPlace is another market for digital assets. Having more resources means that you can shop for the best deal and talent from all over the world to complete your projects.

Image: MakiPlace


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