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Market performance 2017: Crypto vs. Stocks

Looking around the world, there were many successful stock markets in 2017. Nevertheless, none compare to the massive appreciation seen in the cryptocurrency industry . ]

Disclaimer: If you are primarily a stock investor, you may soon be forced to enter the world of cryptocurrency because the relative outperformance of major cryptocurrency in 2017, compared to the stock markets, was astronomical .

The most successful stock market last year (excluding Venezuela with a gain of 3,884% due to creeping inflation) was Zimbabwe with an advance of 117.7%, while the best cryptocurrency Ripple left Zimbabwe in the dust. -popping 28.963 percent back. At the end of 2017, Ripple surpassed Ethereum as the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, at $ 77.1 billion and $ 72.9 billion, respectively. Although far behind Bitcoin's market capitalization of about $ 248.3 billion, they are rising rapidly. The market capitalization of Ripple is up about 31 637% over last year and Ethereum has risen by about 1 300%. Another third is Bitcoin, up 447% over the last 12 months

Top Stock Market Performance 2017

As you can see in the following table, Top Stock Market Performance 2017, relative returns Highs came from less developed and emerging stock markets such as Argentina with a yield of 77.7%, Mongolia by 68.9% and Kazakhstan by 59.3%. Of course, for most investors, there are barriers to accessing these stock markets. This is perhaps one of the reasons why global investors have taken a liking to cryptocurrency because they are global, can be viewed and traded 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

<img alt=" Top Stock Market Perfomance 2017 "src =" "title =" Best Stock Market Results 2017 "/>

Main Stock Markets Developed

In Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index finished top with a 36% yield, followed by India's BSE Sensex 30 index, up 27 , 9%, closing the month of December at 29,919.15, close to the year high the closing price ever, second only to the record high of 31,958.41 from November 2007.

Since 2009 down the Hang Seng has risen higher in a rising trend parallel channel The index is heading my inbound to the top line of the canal, which will put it in the region to test resistan t around the highs of 2007. That's only 6 percent or so. It is worth noting that the Hang Seng has only had a single month of decline in 2017, which demonstrates its strength.

<img alt=" Stock Market Performance 2017 (Main Markets) "src =" http: // cointelegraph. com / storage / uploads / view / f054a9cf0def9efb6ab3828b54245a3a.png "title =" Stock Market Performance 2017 (Large Markets) "/>

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The BSE Index Sensex 30 of India has completed the almost 10 percentage points lower than the Hang Seng, The Sensex closed at a record high of 34,057, very close to the peak of 34,127.22 recorded in December, which triggered a bullish movement of monthly trend and Following a two-year break in May, the Sensex continues to grow with a series of higher monthly highs and higher monthly troughs, which is likely to continue.

<img alt=" Chart "src = " qlmJTGaptVYwd8pdoEXYhEi8hdHUGBfcW_TQv9tVxsO6gZ-XLzs0g_y7ObID8yFXoKn4LBe3mS0AYjbkd2xgjizS7JNov13ckcc6oDcKy-qR7DrOJSs1LZZg7ySf79znQGP8nmL" title = "Graph" />

The third best performance of the main indices of the markets Mkt Last year was the S & P 500 (SPX) index, up 19.4 percent to end at 2674. Over the last 13 months, the SPX has grown by 29, 3%, up 2,694.97 from the previous year, in a sequential series of higher monthly highs and higher monthly troughs, ahead of a growing chorus of bears ready to bounce back. This monthly trend continues to define a strong uptrend.

In addition to closing the year technically strong, in the high to low price range of the third quarter of December, closing has reached a new monthly high. By measuring the current low of the February 2016 swing, the SPX was up to 48 percent higher than the highest recent.

Can he continue? Well, the previous rally (swing down to high swing) on ​​a monthly basis, as of October 2011, saw the SPX increase up to 99 percent before moving to a consolidation base period extended. Until now, the advance is about half of that.

Lower Stock Performances

Of course, not all stock markets were bullish last year, but the worst performers were relatively smaller stock exchanges. The most successful market in 2017 was the Sarajevo Stock Exchange. It closed the year down 18.5% to close at 562. The Qatar exchange rate, with a loss of 18.3%, comes next in second position, followed by the loonie. Karachi stock index, down 15.3%. Of course, Qatar has been hit hard by an economic blockade since June, with the support of other Arab Gulf countries.

<img alt=" Bottom Stock Market Perfomance 2017 "src =" http: // cointelegraph .com / storage / uploads / view / 5464d5899becb5ed9d56845e0c0bd019.png "title =" Perfomance of the Lower Stock Market 2017 "/>

Cryptocurrencies: 2017 Performance

This following graph shows the performance of the five most important cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC / USD) The cryptocurrencies shown in this table and the chart that shows it. accompanying below, is not exhaustive and is selected as a sample of the most popular and widely traded crypto-currencies.

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Interesting to see that the cryptocurrencies shown have all started to appear. accelerate towards the beginning of November, with the exception of Ripple (XRP / USD) Ripple was late to the party but did not seem to waste time catching up – can see how it grew rapidly while the other major cryptos begin to retreat. For the month of December, Ripple has advanced more than 700%. The Ripple token is used to facilitate global payments by banks and other financial institutions.

<img alt=" Graphic BTC / USD "src =" "title =" graphic "/>

After the strong performance of Ripple is Dash (DASH / USD), Dash has climbed from at least 9,400% for 2017 until December 31st. Dash has left a base of 32 months In the last 10 months, since the start of the breakout, Dash has risen 10,584% since its peak of $ 1,595.76 reached in December. decline, up to 51 percent before bouncing back.

<img alt=" Cryptocurrencies – Perfomance 2017 "src =" "title =" Occurrence Crypt 2017 "/>

Ethereum (ETH / USD) was the third best player of the year, up about 9,000% to $ 757 as of December 31. It started 2017 very strong, growing more than 5,000% in the first five months before moving to a consolidation phase of four months or more.A classical symmetrical triangle consolidation pattern formed after the summit.Ethereum broke this pattern with conviction in November, going back a little bit more 100% before facing resistance at $ 863.0 in the last dekad of December and slipping in a retracement To date, the retracement has resulted in a 40% loss in value from the high value

<img alt=" ETH / USD Chart "src =" 5p98vuycYOjdbjy4M1JuPrI6mXqMKtCvhW1iho-Y8MiMD8B -QDCtzHXWBmfEnQjZw95Zy1f8OiMWeS_FlPtKPTG7OZGvjD477XvvhOBsztb92n1AcH9_VM0bdwKoBLI6oyQbGPb "title =" Graph ETH / USD "/>

In fourth place comes litecoin (LTC / USD), with a margin of 5582% to date. This rise reached an increase of 735.8% in just six weeks, from the trough of a three-week pullback in early November. at the top, where the weekly volume reaches a record level.

<img alt=" Graphic LTC / USD "src =" KD2Rr_XUdGK2D4U5z-46nmXsGplG "title =" Graph LTC / USD "/>

Turning now to Bitcoin, which comes in sixth place for the year on selected cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has attracted a lot of attention in the industry since the summer. 1,390 per cent since the beginning of the year and increased by 1,935 per cent to a record level of $ 19,666 reached in mid-December. Interestingly, the second largest volume week of the past two years has was observed the following week after this record.It was a dead week

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Bitcoin had progressed into a well-formed parallel trend channel since the first quarter of the year until more than late In November, Bitcoin crossed the top trend line of the chain and began to accelerate higher. This can be seen in increasing the price rise angle in the following table.

<img alt=" Graphic BTC / USD "src =" YFAxFlfRFDalptsrtYViXBAyRe97 "title =" Graph BTC / USD "/>

Monero (XMR / USD) returns to Monero (2.481%), finishing at $ 5.90 in 2016 and bouncing to at least $ 348.02 Over the next 12 months, this coin has seen steady growth throughout the year and recently hit a record high of $ 477 before retreating, but remains in a net uptrend.

<img alt=" Chart XMR / USD "src =" / J8tXKc_GUXJ_6x51S_8UMK-D4zUUnnIG94aLjjftVXhW9SD3lfSgjlA2D3NfsGXqXlKtwyQyXfM7zz4S2TAW2f_wIPCOBKTfUdNvbUXjlebMVlAHYsDypnQzj_1DoytDkEz_ Rising "title =" Graph XMR / USD "/>

IOTA (IOT / USD) took seventh place with a lead of 1 356 p ercent since June, when i l was launched. The peak for 2017 was two weeks ago at $ 5.80. At this point, IOTA was up more than 1,700 percent in just seven weeks. He subsequently declined up to 80 percent on the high.

<img alt=" Table IOT / USD "src =" "title =" Graph IOT / USD "/>

Finally Bitcoin Cash (BCH / USD), released in August, has risen from US $ 320 to US $ 2,553 since the beginning of the year, the highest of $ 4,000.10 since December 20 was 1,150%. .