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Marketing Personalities for the Modern World

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Since we live in a world of vast amounts of data, we are no longer confined to watching our target audiences through the lens of outdated marketing personalities. Instead, we have data about our audience's behavior at our fingertips in real time.

By evaluating these behaviors, you can understand how certain types of content and actions taken by users on your website generate conversions. More information about the rating of the users of the Ellen team – Analytics Sr. Analyst – in his article here.

Segmentation of audiences by their behavior

Suppose your construction company has two main audiences for the website: field workers and sales managers.

User rating can help you understand what people are looking for on your website so that you can find strategies for finding ways to give it to them.

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Using this example, our analysis of exploitable data may find that field agents visit the website to apply for job offers . While it's the sales managers who want to know more about the company by reading reviews, exploring the services and uploading stories of successful projects.

Traditional Marketing Personas

  • Personality of "Family Field Workers"
    • Field workers aged 34 to 55 living in rural and suburban American cities – typically married with 2-3 children homeowners
    • Working hard and dedicated to their family, they place importance on family time at work
  • Character of "Go Getter Sales Managers"
    • Sales managers aged 25 to 34 who live in the city without being married or having children
    • Love doing business and doing the job when they meet a new opportunity
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Although this information helps to contextualize the daily life of our audiences, it does not necessarily lead to decision-making.

The user rating counts the actual actions performed on the site by all users during a given period. We are then able to analyze how each character acts on the website and determine the type of content that he views before conversion.

Personalities Conducted by Behavior

  1. Character motivated by the behavior "Sales Managers"
    1. See more of 2 About pages in their initial sessions – Organic and Paid Search are the highest drivers. Once they have fallen on the site, visits become more frequent. As they get closer to reaching an agreement, they visit Direct and keep it at the top-level pages of the site, such as the home page of the page. 39; home, services and specialties. Sales managers submitting a contact form have a lifetime value 3 times higher than those who do not submit the form or do not see the contact page at all.
  2. Character motivated by the behavior of "field workers"
    1. Have a clear goal in mind when you visit the site directly. They go directly to the contact page to find their local office, and leave the site of this page each time they visit it. In the end, most people who enter the office of the construction company wish to submit a job application.

Behavioral Insights

  • "Sales Managers" views
    • Those who are in the middle of the funnel are sticking to the top-level pages, we will test the addition of a clear CTA on every page of the 39; entry that brings them to Contact us now! to shorten the conversion time of the website.
  • Perspectives of "field workers"
    • They rarely visit the Careers page for open job offers. In-person work applications are the # 1 source for new field worker applications. If we add an upper CTA bar with a tool like Sumo, we can show the hearings of field workers We're hiring – Apply here! messages to increase online application submissions.
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Want to test behavior-based audiences on your website? Start the Google Analytics team to learn more.