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Marketing Secrets to Generation Z Revealed

"Millennials are the most talked about generation in history … Now, people want to know what's next."
– Connor Blakley, Gen Z Consulting Expert

Given the importance given to the millennial generation over the last half-decade, younger generations must feel a lot like Jan Brady these days: Invisible and unheard of.

Although there have been good reasons for millennia to have been such a priority for brands, as they are one of the largest generations in American history, this has loses sight of what – or who – is falling down the pipeline.

Just as businesses and marketers are finally beginning to have the impression of understanding the millennial generation, an even more enigmatic group is entering the market and the workforce of buyers: the Generation Z .

The Generation Z, which was born between 1996 and 2010, has about 72 million adolescents and young adults whose purchasing power already exceeds $ 44 billion and influencing $ 600 billion $ in family expenses. These people will soon represent about 40% of US consumers.

For traders to grab those dollars and reach a generation that has been labeled as "millennia on steroids," they will need an intimate understanding of how to reach them, where they want to be contacted, and how much of time they have to do it.

At this point, most advertisers think that this riddle is obvious and that social media is definitely the right approach. If that's your hypothesis, your business is in a rude awakening.

While channels like Instagram and Snapchat are certainly favored by young people, a recent study by Bluecore and NAPCO Research revealed that Gen Z does not turn to social media to connect with brands or find new products.

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Marketing to the Generation Z

Since Generation Z actually uses the social as a way to connect with friends and family, then what is the right portal for brands to connect with them?

Where Brands Can Reach Gen Z

In the above study, researchers found that 65% of Generation Z respondents claimed email as their preferred channel for brand communications. The second largest group stated that the preferred mode was in store; this represents only 8% of respondents.

The reason why Gen Z prefers email is at its level of customization.

When young viewers were asked which channel seemed most personal to them, almost identical results were produced: 60% of Z's stated they were sending emails while the largest group, 8%, said Facebook.

What this proves is that personalization becomes more and more important with each subsequent generation; and email is the channel that most effectively offers the experience sought by younger consumers.

Using robust email marketing tools, business owners and advertisers can leverage compelling models tailored to Gen Z's tastes (more on that in a moment), establish the most opportune moment to send emails. Optimal performance, and customize the pool from e-mails with powerful customization options.

How to Generate Gen Z Sales Using E-mail

When you target Gen Z consumers with email communications, you will not be able to use the same old tactics that have proven successful with Generation X and Generation Y.

First, you must take advantage of the video. This does not mean that should include videos. This means that you must use the video.

As shown in an Upfront Analytics infographic, Generation Z views twice as much mobile video as any other generation, with 70% of YouTube viewing more than 2 hours a day .

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If you want to reach this audience, the video can not be overlooked.

This also indicates another important email factor for Gen Z: minimize your text and use a lot of images. With Generation Z, marketers have eight seconds to get their attention. four seconds shorter than with their millennial brethren.

If you have already read the way Z's write, you know that grammar has fallen by the wayside and has been replaced by emojis, pictures and GIFs. For this reason, you need to focus more on visuals to incorporate short but powerful written messages.

In the end, videos and images improve the appearance of emails, make them easier to scan, increase the likelihood of sharing and facilitate communication. everything that increases the potential for making a sale.

While we are on the subject of content, it is extremely important to only serve these visitors with the freshest and most relevant materials. This generation has grown by having massive amounts of information launched on them and they are masters of separating what they think is useful, which is waste, and what they've already seen. If you are unable to continually provide new and interesting information, be prepared to unsubscribe from your subscribers.

The next thing to consider for your emails is their level of customization and customization; again, that's what makes email marketing platforms incredibly important for this generation.

To increase custom components, advertisers should use a range of opt-in options regarding timing, content and frequency so that young people can have a high level of control Communication.

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All of this means that mobile optimization is a must. Mobile is the preferred channel, so a seamless mobile experience is of utmost importance.

Generation Z members are not millennials. If you treat them as such, you will not create loyalty. This group operates according to specific "rules of engagement". Master the art of personalized visual communication, and you will have their attention.

Depending on the type of business you operate, Gen Z may not be your customer yet, but rest assured they are coming. Prepare yourself, and you will prosper.

Generation Z Photo via Shutterstock