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Markforged raises $ 30 million from industrial investors

When Greg Mark takes his 3D printer to VC, he gets empty looks. The Boston-based CEO of Markforged, a 3D printing company specializing in the printing of carbon fiber and metals, discovered that few of them could understand his technology.

That's why he turned to Microsoft Ventures, Posche and Next 47, backed by Siemens, for his next $ 30 million for his C Series. These VCs backed by the industry have understood the problems associated

The company currently supplies a complete metal forging system. The system, which involves putting metal in a very powerful microwave, is a hit with industrial partners, but is confusing for those who think that 3D printing essentially teaches a robot to inject heads. from Yoda.

The company has raised a total of $ 57 million since its launch. The company is profitable and sells printers faster than it can with a revenue growth of 300%.

There are a number of other metal solutions on the market, including massive systems of 3D systems designed for industrial use. Markforged manufactures a desktop-sized 3D printer and discovered that its customers print finished parts in metal and factory jigs for CNC cutting and partial maintenance of carbon fiber. By integrating both metal and plastic into the workflow, they are able to reduce access times to a finished part.