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Max Keizer: Talal Bin Talal of Saudi Arabia is Bitcoin 'Poster Boy & # 39;

Max Keizer publicly called the Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal arrested a "poster boy to explain why you should buy Bitcoin."

In an episode of the Keizer Report on Russia Today, Reverend Keizer said that the world's richest Arab "would not have the problems" that he is currently facing. he had bought Bitcoin.

Bin Talal is currently in "house arrest" at the Ritz hotel in the Saudi capital Riyadh, where he would sleep on an inflatable mattress.

Previously, he had said that he "does not believe in this Bitcoin thing" and that the virtual currency is "Enron in the making". Saudi authorities have confiscated bin Talal's assets totaling about $ 33 billion from an alleged crackdown on corruption by King Salman.

"He dissected Bitcoin and now he has confiscated all his wealth," Keizer continues.

Suspicions arise as to the nature of the multiple arrests of Saudi princes. Assets worth $ 800 billion are considered targets and Western media are wondering if King Salman's initiative is more about taking back money than eradicating the corrupt practices.

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