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Maximizing trading opportunities in the cryptocurrency market

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Encryption and investment become very popular because of the many opportunities that are found there. The opportunities offered by the number of existing cryptocurrencies and the high level of volatility in the market are some of the main reasons why the business takes on importance. However, these reasons behind this prominence, when they are returned, are the same as those that make it difficult to control the markets.

There are currently more than 1,300 cryptocurrences, and many others are created over the days. Engaging the markets with the common eye makes it almost impossible to follow these cryptos while maintaining a correct vision and understanding of price movements at the same time in order to take advantage of the fluctuations that occur.

AI mechanism for accurate predictions

The busy crypto market with such a large volume of data to analyze justifies the artificial intelligence mechanism (AI) implemented by Mirocana . This system extracts data from a wide range of trading platforms in order to determine prevailing patterns and patterns thus generating accurate predictions for future trade.

Unlike other existing prediction platforms, Mirocana is unique because of its transparency and the application of a self-reinforcing artificial intelligence based on neural networks and modern models of machine learning.

The Mirocana System was conceived two years ago and continues to grow. Mirocana offers three different investment products for the stock, money and cryptocurrency markets. It's more advantageous than a trader's service or a fund because it turns a huge amount of data into investment prediction.

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George Petrov, Founder, CEO, and Senior Data Scientist at Mirocana says:

"First, we receive quotations and market data from our data sources, and some strategies are based solely on quotations, and these strategies could be useful. Many of them have a few hundred lines of code, while others have thousands, for example, if the price increases sequentially for three periods of time. time, we generate a prediction to buy, thinking that the price will continue this trend. "

Beyond the Simple Machines

Beyond the mechanism of AI and robots, the Mirocana team invites the greatest minds around the world to participate via participatory learning platforms. This process will properly examine the investment environment, sifting through the many unrealistic projects that are currently finding their way into the market, especially with cryptocurrencies. This is mainly due to the ease with which it has become possible to carry out ICOs and declare all kinds of ideas as startups.

Regarding functionality, on the Mirocana platform, accumulated financial data enter simulations where hundreds of strategies are applied to it. As a result, the system gives the best prediction. As a result, Mirocana provides a scale that helps calculate the level of risk for different target yield values. It shows the maximum possible levy, the profit factor, the Sharpe ratio and other measures.

A stable and evolutive system

In order to sustain its project in terms of infrastructure and scalability, Mirocana adopts the implementation of its own servers and platforms Mirocana Miner. With these, the system will not suffer from a computing power deficit. By providing CPUs and GPUs for calculations and predictions, each miner will be paid with MIRO tokens. Mirocana products are supported by these tokens, which are also distributed through the sale of chips. The sale will help the project to expand the team of analysts and scientists and to hire new developers. Freelancers can earn tokens MIRO by creating new strategies, models and predictions.

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MIRO tokens are already available in a chip sale which will end on December 19th and customers with access will be able to start managing their funds early in 2018 .