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Menlo Security Secures $ 40 Million C Series to Keep Malware Remotely

Menlo Security, a start-up with a unique approach to protecting your business from malware and phishing attacks, announced today a 40-million C series round of dollars.

Menlo protects customers by never letting employees access a website or email containing malware. Instead, they isolate the original in a container and then display a clean mirror image in the browser, which has been rid of all the bad things. The thought is that if the malware never reaches you, it can not harm you.

As CEO and co-founder Amir Ben-Efraim explains after the company's $ 25 million B series in 2015, "We are isolating all web pages and emails in the cloud ( public or private). When the content is isolated, it never reaches the end point. This eliminates the malware on an architectural level. "

This is an effective approach because Ben-Efraim reports that they now have over a million users in hundreds of clients and have had no infection nowadays.

These kinds of results resonate with customers and investors, he says. "We have now at this stage hundreds of clients, most of the Global 2000. There has been a huge increase in adoption.We are touching the nail on the impact we have had. The big violations in the last two years [often] go back to an end-user targeted by malware, "said Ben-Efraim


This round of financing adds several strategic investors, including American Express Ventures, Ericsson Ventures and HSBC. The current investors of Menlo, JPMorgan Chase, General Catalyst, Sutter Hill Ventures, Osage University Partners and Engineering Capital also participated. The company has now raised more than $ 85 million.

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Tim Dawson, Head of Cyber ​​Technology at HSBC, says he is always looking for innovative security solutions. "Cybersecurity is a priority for us – this investment is an example of how threats are constantly evolving, we will continue to dedicate time and resources to the challenge, exploring innovative ways to protect our customers and our staff," he said. he said in a statement.

The company currently has 125 employees, but Ben-Efraim expects this figure to rise to nearly 200 by the end of 2018. "The C series tends to accelerate the market movement, "he said. In the end, they plan to focus their employees on creating a sales and marketing team around the world over the next year.

Featured image: nadia_bormotova / Getty Images