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Meru Health wants to make mental health care more accessible

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Obtaining mental health services can be tedious. And if you are already going through a difficult time, you are probably looking for help sooner than later. But according to the current landscape, it can take months to find the right therapist who also takes your insurance.

It is there that Meru Health hopes to enter. By offering its services to employers, Meru Health can function as a first line of treatment where people can get help with health. Weeks, Meru Health co-founder and CEO Kristian Ranta told TechCrunch

Ranta, who lost his brother a few years ago, said that there were "unfortunately many people suffering from depression and who are vulnerable to burnout."

That's right. Worldwide, more than 300 million people suffer from depression and 260 million suffer from anxiety disorders, according to the World Health Organization.

Meru Health offers an eight-week treatment program for depression, exhaustion, and anxiety. The program, currently led by five licensed therapists, uses both cognitive-behavioral therapy, behavioral activation, and mindfulness-based intervention. Provided as a staff benefit, Meru Health charges companies only if patients say they feel better.

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Current Meru Health clients include WeWork and the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. To date, Meru Health reports that 75% of people who follow its program report a reduction in symptoms.

Pacifica and Lantern, a mental health startup company that offers tools to deal with stress, anxiety and body image, are other companies that work in the field of mental health. To date, Lantern has raised more than $ 20 million in funding. Another is Talkspace, which aims to be an alternative to traditional therapy.

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Later, Meru Health could make its service accessible to everyday consumers, but for now, Ranta said the focus was on sales to larger employers and clinical research. Meru Health is also looking to get a doctor to help with medication management and perhaps even provide prescriptions, Ranta said. Meru Health, currently participating in Y Combinator, plans to seek a post-YC physician.