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Microsoft invites everyone to his cloud Azure

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By John P. Mello Jr.

May 8, 2018 7:00 AM

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on Monday launched a call for information technology to empower everyone.

"The world is becoming a computer," said Nadella in the inaugural speech of Build 2018, the company's first event for developers in Seattle.

"The computer is embedded in every person, every place and every thing, it's the opportunity we have, it's kind of infinite," he added. .

"When we talk about this unlimited opportunity, it's not about adding more screens or spending more time on the screen, but rather how to empower more people and more organizations, "observes Nadella. "We have a real responsibility for the impact of technology so that technology reaches everyone."

Ubiquitous computing

According to Nadella, the computer has undergone a paradigm shift to the intelligent cloud and intelligent advantage, paving the way for more pervasive computing.

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"Future world applications need an ubiquitous cloud computing fabric at the edge," he said. "They need a new model of distributed, event-driven and server-free application."

That's what Microsoft is building with its Azure products, which include cloud and Internet of Things offerings, Nadella said.

"Azure is built like the world's computer," he said.

"Microsoft wants to democratize technology for the masses to put it in the hands of everyone," said Patrick Moorhead, senior analyst at Moor Insights and Strategy, E-Commerce Times.

Azure openings

According to Nadella, in addition to empowering people, Microsoft is open to partnerships with other companies. During the Build event, his team demonstrated how Azure could be used with a Qualcomm camera to monitor industrial systems and send alerts to a central console.

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Presenters also demonstrated that Azure was working with a DJI drone to troubleshoot industrial infrastructure defects, and introduced Microsoft 's digital assistant, Cortana, working with Alexa' s. Amazon.

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"Microsoft has not been a leader in AI and the voice user interface," notes Jim McGregor, senior analyst at Tirias Research.

"That's why a key element for them is to keep their platform as open and as usable as possible … not just for developers who know how to do AI, but even for those who do not, "told the E-Commerce Times.

"Too many of these companies are trying to go it alone, and you can not do it. If you're hoping to be a player, you need to create the most open platform possible and hope the developers choose you," McGregor said. maintained. "The easier and more flexible your platform, the more you'll look for developers."

Speech on confidentiality

One of the most significant points of the opening speech was Microsoft's willingness to work with the wider ecosystem, discovered McGregor


"It's not just about Microsoft anymore," he said.

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"Microsoft is presented as a kind of digital Switzerland," says Bob O Donnell, chief analyst at Technalysis Research.

"They have made a number of announcements to be able to work with competing platforms, tools and PDAs," he told the E-Commerce Times. "They tell the world that they want to activate everything that exists, they want to cross the technological frontiers and the borders that have existed until now."

While it is customary to kick-start these conferences by touting new products, Nadella began her speech with a speech about privacy.

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"The protection of privacy is a human right: Microsoft has enshrined a set of principles guaranteeing the preservation of this human right," he said. "We make sure that when we use data, it benefits the user, we make sure that the user always has control of their data and their use."

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