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Mining: Etherum August Rush

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The secret of life takes courage and right information. In my skilibobo across the web, I came about loving Oluwole Busayo’s strategic network Marketing disposition but my mens rea and actus rea failed me.

If you do a flashback, you will recall the MMM mishap that capsized a lot of Wuru wuru Millionaires’ ship so sogo di Ogo ji Ministry was not appealing to 150 million Nigerians na like suicide. Any new thing to me equals to ponzi so I preferably maintained an Usain Bolt Speed in my lean structure.

The crypto century eased in, the new Dangote’s took advantage but soon the bubble began and few investors panick sold their funds to the Shaka Manje’s who stored those coins to later dictate prices. Bitcoin once sold for 500#…(Open Mouth)
The bitcoin drive became so drizzling as some ponzi got “bitcoinlized” so demands were now like PMS scarcity.

In my spare moment in Ogba Femi right under my candle light with Law of Jurisprudence staring at me as I watched the candles of Exchange(Bosses go Understand). I ventured into “kara kata”(Buying and selling). Though Capital no smile to me… In this PLC, power supply must not fail because the market doesn’t wait for Fashola Power supply to dance “Kuru ma Ga”(Fluctuate)

So while the bitcoin crave got intense, Oluwole of Cryptocurrencies advertised a new vision…Ethereum Mining..A team was about setting up machines so I have to purchase a Mining Contract. Hmmm, this people wan do me 419!!! 100$ for buhari administration…Oga Buhari never start him 5000# for Lazy Nigerians abeg!!! (Lol)
My heart skipped… Ponzi don rebrand, I refuse to enter your Cobweb by fire by force…fire!!!

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Oluwole’s unrelenting testimonies got me recently and I have joined the league of miners.(wipe face…the Sun is much in Aso town) You cannot be thankful for a thing unless you have been immensely blessed by it. Meet Oluwole Busayo, that Young investor that used a cryptocurrency cake to win my heart into the stream and league of Miners.

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To the league of Miners…Tomorrow is another day of Etherum Commission gains. Tomorrow is Miners smiling day!!!

My Etherum mining contract in 2017 is my most fearless step.