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Mixbook's photo book service acquires WedPics

In 2012, a company based in Raleigh, North Carolina called WedPics, went to the scene to make wedding photos a little less of a headache. After five years and seven million users, WedPics is the object of an acquisition by Mixbook, the platform for digital collection and publishing of physical photo books.

The terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

WedPics is an application that allows a bride and groom to aggregate all the pictures of their wedding in one place. Often, the happy couple will install disposable cameras and will use Instagram hashtags to group the photos taken by the guests at the wedding. Collecting all these photos after the fact can be tedious.

With WedPics, the couple simply sends an invitation to the application to everyone attending the wedding. People download all the photos they take on the app so that the couple and guests can easily see everything in one place.

The application itself is free, but premium updates like the ability to print high resolution source files, customize the overall look of the digital album and to use custom URLs are also available on the platform.

More recently, WedPics has launched the print to allow people to create physical photo albums of their wedding, accounting for about 60% of the company's revenue.

This corresponds to the activity of Mixbook, which focuses primarily on digital commerce. As we move more and more towards an all-digital existence, weddings remain one of the main reasons to print real photos.

As part of the deal, a handful of WedPics 15 employees will head to Mixbook, according to WedPics founder and CEO, Justin Miller. The WedPics brand and service will continue to operate under the umbrella of Mixbook, which will help the company in its printing business.

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