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Modern Roof Repair: How to Cut Costs Without Shortcuts

Modern Roof Repair: How to Cut Costs Without Shortcuts
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Roof Repairs are usually not cheap. However, when it comes to modern roof repair, there are a few things that homeowners need to know on how to cut costs without shortcuts. With a little assistance to know how it doesn’t have to be a financial plan busting occasion, and the best part is you won’t have to sacrifice quality or cut corners to save. 

Modern Roof Repair Strategies on how To Cut Costs Without Shortcuts 

Below are some approved methods many homeowners have used to cut expenses on residential roofing projects without any shortcuts. They are highly recommended by top roofing contractors. Go through the list and try to implement them on your next roofing project. However, you could also ask your roofing contractor to know if there are any other methods that can be used to reduce the cost of roofing and fit in your budget.

  • Recover The Old Roof 

The main way to lessen roof repair costs is to recover the current roof without doing a tear-off. This approach means a faster installation, diminished labour cost, and minimal disruption to your building’s activities. This is one of the easiest ways to reduce costs on roofing construction projects.

  • Upgrade Roofing Membrane 

Roofing membranes are measured in thickness and the thickness usually decides the life expectancy of the roof. To cut roof repair costs, upgrade to the thicker membrane without paying for extra warranty coverage. For example, if a 40 mil membrane comes with a standard 15-year warranty however the 50 mils and 60 mils are 20-year items, you can upgrade to the thicker membrane yet not purchase the additional 5 years of maintenance agreement coverage. 

  • Utilize Half Coping In place Of A Full Coping Cap 
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Utilizing a half-coping cap will give you the look and protection of a full coping cap at about half the cost. Installing half coping is not stressful, so far the project is being handled by a professional. 

  • Make Use of Two Layers Of Roof Insulation 

If you would prefer 4 ” inches of new roof insulation yet only have the spending plan for 2″ inches, at least you can split the layers and stagger the joints. Two layers of one inch roof insulation with solid seams is better than one layer of two inches roof insulation both in air leakage and R-value performance. 

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  • Get The Gutters Now 

When flat roofing closes at the edge of a building with gutters the membrane is usually terminated into the back of the drain utilizing sealant and screws into a termination bar. This seal needs to be water-tight so that if the gutters back up the water doesn’t run back under the flat roof. In case you are planning on replacing the gutters later on you are in an ideal situation to replace them during the flat roof repair and not after.


In summary, roofing projects require a lot of money at hand. However, you need to run on a budget so as not to overspend. How to cut costs without shortcuts in modern roofing repair is not hard. Learn from this piece and apply them strategically.