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Monero now available on Circle Invest Crypto App

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Circle Invest, the blockchain start-up application, added Montero to the list of digital assets available on its platform, the company said in a blog Monday.

Montero becomes the second room devoted to privacy that she has added in a row. In April, Circle Invest introduced ZCash on its platform saying that traders and users were now able to make purchases and investments in the coin.

"You will now be able to enjoy instant, no-minimum purchases and a seamless investment experience on Zcash and our existing five crypto assets," the blockchain company said. time.

The other pieces available on the Circle Invest app include Etherium, Bitcoin, Cash Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum Classic.

On Monday, Rachel Mayer, project manager at Circle Invest, said in a blog post that the company had continued to develop its coin collection because it now supported Monero.

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"Last week, we welcomed Zcash into the family of coins on Circle Invest, and today we continue to grow our coin collection by supporting Monero as our new listed encryption asset." said Mayer.

This effectively means that the Circle Invest platform now supports seven coins and Mayer says that this makes it "the only platform that you can invest instantly and seamlessly into the widest range of coins." using your bank account ".

Circle becomes the first traditional or regulated broker to add support for Monero, which some believe is associated with dark web activity. The founder and CEO of Circle, Jeremy Allaire, however, is unscathed and says that the company has decided to expand in Asia.

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"In Hong Kong, the initial focus is on the institutional market, as companies in Asia whose activities include investing in cryptographic assets and virtual currencies," he said. declared.

The reports said Monday that Monero is currently trading under a market capitalization of about $ 3.6 billion. The Economics Gazette said Monero's trading volume was $ 40.5 million, but the coin had lost ground over the past seven days, falling 7.28 percent against the US dollar.

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