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mParticle hires John Sedlak of Adobe as Chief Revenue Officer

mParticle, which helps businesses like Airbnb and Spotify manage their customer data, has hired four new executives, including John Sedlak, most recently vice president at Adobe, who joins the company as chief financial officer.

In addition, Kiran Hebbar (formerly CFO of Social Tables) joins the position of Chief Financial Officer, Will Rogers (former engineer at Etsy) and Aurélie Pols (Head of Data Protection and Privacy). Krux Digital) is the new head of data protection.

Sedlak said that in his roles at Adobe and Oracle (which he joined with the acquisition of BlueKai), he saw how big marketers were trying to build clouds complete marketing, often created through multiple startup acquisitions. ]

"They were constantly going to the market and touting the benefits of the end-to-end stack, when I started to notice that there were a lot of advanced point-to-point solutions," he said. he says. "I have been able to see the power of autonomous businesses that innovate ahead of what the big ones were doing.I would put mParticle on this list."

In the years since I first wrote about mParticle in 2014, a very practical acronym appeared to describe what the company does – CDP, abbreviation of platform of customer data. Basically, CDP's like mParticle allow businesses to unify all their first-party data, creating a unique view of the customer.

Sedlak opposed mParticle's approach to old data management platforms, which he said were not designed to connect customer data to all their interactions on different devices.

"They were originally designed to ingest first-party cookie data coupled with data from third parties," he said. "They never completely considered the notion of a truly multi-device world and I think [co-founders Michael Katz and Andrew Katz] knew it in 2013 and said," You know we're going to start solving this now. ""

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As for the hiring of Sedlak for the company, he said that one of his goals was to attract even bigger customers: "I think mParticle can bring an additional or unobtrusive value to Fortune 50 marketers with whom I have personally dealt in the past, where I see an opportunity for us to significantly increase their current investments in cloud marketing platforms. "

CEO Michael Katz, meanwhile, pointed out that two of these hires are focused on safety. With recent discussions on Facebook scandals and the adoption of GDPR protections in Europe, there is "a really healthy conversation about the importance of data control and governance." He added that these hires would help mParticle create tools for security companies to be at the forefront of their business practice. "