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Muse is an Amazon Amazon add-on dedicated to the car

Do you want to bring Alexa to your vehicle? You now have a few options, including a new $ 49.99 accessory from the speech technology company Speak Music, which launches Muse, essentially an Amazon Echo Bluetooth for the car. The small device allows you to access Alexa's skills while on the move, using voice commands and the word "Alexa", while connecting to your stereo system via Bluetooth, auxiliary input or USB.

Muse uses your smartphone's data connection to connect to the Alexa service, which allows you to stream music, listen to live radio stations, control your smart gadgets during your absence or even make them hands-free calls. You can also receive information, listen to audiobooks, add to your shopping list, view the weather and more.

The Muse comes with a dual USB plug charger for power, and a magnetic mount kit. This is a small circular gadget that should be relatively easy to stick somewhere on your dashboard, and it has front and back buttons as well as a microphone button for physical activation (although that he listens passively to the Alexa wake word as well). ]

There are other methods to get the voice assistant of Amazon in your car, including the first-hand support of some manufacturers, but also via accessories like the Garmin Speak with Alexa , which became available last month. The Speak also has full access to the Amazon Skills Library, but also incorporates Garmin voice navigation and a small OLED simple screen for $ 150. You can also connect an Echo Dot and connect it to your Smartphone via a hotspot.

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Muse is the same price as a Dot Echo, however, and offers all the same Alexa features, with a form factor and features designed for the car. It seems like this is the best and most affordable way to bring Alexa into your vehicle right now, but we'll see how it will behave in the real world when it launches in December. Those interested can pre-order now for pre-holiday shipments.