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N26 Launches Revised Metal Chart

N26, a startup from Fintech, is updating its N26 Metal product and launching it tomorrow. You may remember that the company announced its Premium Card at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin in December 2017. Shortly after the conference, the card was available for early access for existing N26 Black customers.

But the company had to return to the drawing table and update the design of the card. N26 Metal's customers complained about the design of the card in particular.

While the original metal map was mainly made of a tungsten sheet, the metal part was still surrounded by plastic. Guests complained about the stripes and the general feeling of the card.

It did not really look like a metal card. It was more or less a heavy plastic card with a metal core. You could easily have scratches and the MasterCard logo was only a sticker.

Even more surprising, some customers had security problems at airports because tungsten was a rare material.

At an event in Berlin, the company announced a revised version of N26 Metal. The front of the card is going to be made of real metal. The MasterCard logo will be engraved. And the client's name moves to the back of the card.

You can join the waiting list now and customers will start receiving the new metal card tomorrow.

But N26 Metal is not just a fancy card. For about 15 € per month, you benefit from all the advantages of N26 Black as well as partner offers.

These offers include the basic WeWork subscription of $ 45 per month, which allows you to access a WeWork office for free for one day a month and to pay extra days. You also get 10% discount on Hotels.com hotel bookings, promotional codes for Drivy, Babbel and other services. The company says that there will be new offers in the coming months.