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Native Union's new speaker strikes my weakness directly for tasteful brass accents

Bluetooth and smart speakers are shoveling a dozen these days, and many of them are not bad – so what often comes down to that is the style. Native Union has my number with its latest device, which highlights the classic look of a library speaker with a heavy tech back and a brass volume knob.

This is a collaboration with the French company La Boite Concept (basically, "concept box"), which presumably realized the specific parts to the sound of the speaker – it is- to say the speaker – Union brought his sober design chops to the case.

My iPhone SE proudly wore a Native Union case for about a year in beautiful cherry and brass, although the plastic parts eventually broke down. This seems to be rather a stronger construction, but the design notes are the same: a focus on natural materials with metal nicks.

Inside is the amplifier and the bowels, of course, and in the back a drawer hides the many inputs: two 3.5mm jack, two USB, a USB -C. I'm not sure how many you will end up using simultaneously, but it's still nice to have options. More Bluetooth, of course.

At present, the speaker is not quite on the Native Union site – it's quite fresh. Acquiring apparently scooped the maker of the thing. I asked for more details, and I'm sure it will be online soon. I know it happens because there is a navigation "speakers" on their website:

It's a beautiful case, but you know it's priced at $ 799. Yes, and you will have to buy it at MOMA stores in New York. Really now. Maybe I'll wait for a sale.

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