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NES Classic loaded with classic manga games raises hopes for other special editions

Japanese players and manga lovers and all combinations of these will get a treat this summer with the release of a classic NES-laden game from Weekly Jump's pages. The beloved mag manga celebrates its 50th birthday and this solid gold Famicom is part of the festivities.

There is virtually no chance that this jump-themed NES will get a release in the United States – first because few Americans will have read any of these mangas (with a few exceptions close) and secondly, even less will have played the Famicom games associated with them.

Known … and yet …

That said, it nurtures hope in me that we will see at some point in other NES Classics themed; the original has, of course, a fantastic collection – but there are dozens of games that I would have liked to see there.

You can hack the thing pretty easily and put half of the NES library on it, but the official Nintendo versions have been tested and maybe even tweaked to work perfectly (even if the problems are too bad). emulation are not common for NES games).

More importantly, it's possible that these hypothetical theme consoles may come with new accessories that I desperately need, such as a NES benefit, Zapper (not sure how it would work), or NES Max. Maybe even a power glove?

In the meantime, at least if you missed the opportunity to buy one the first time, you can take one at the end of June.

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