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Nest deploys a $ 5 cloud recording plan for its cameras

Just a little news for those with Nest cameras around the house: a new, cheaper Nest Aware (read: the cloud-based recording service that also gives the camera a little smarter) plan is on the way.

Nest has long been offering two packages: a $ 10 / month package that allows you to store the last 10 days of video history and a $ 30 / month plan that gives you 30 days to go back. video history. This new plan will cost $ 5 a month and, as you've probably deducted, will give you five days of video history.

This is something that people have been asking for a while now. Most people do not need 10 days or more of their video diaries; In most cases, the piece of security footage that interests you the most is the last day or two. This is also good news for those who have multiple Nest Cameras – everyone needs their own Nest Aware subscription, so $ 10 per month minimum added quickly.

In addition to the cloud video recording, a Nest Aware subscription also lets you learn a few tricks at Nest Cam: it allows you to set activity zones (allowing you to configure alerts in certain areas like, say, a door), create timelapses and he can try to tell if this thing moving around your living room is a person or just your dog.

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