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Netflix magic market number bigger than the magic market number of big cable company

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The market capitalization of Netflix is now larger than that of Comcast, which is rather symbolic given that companies are valued very differently, but is like one of those times when Apple was bigger than it was. Exxon and could be a kind of decisive moment for technology. Or not.

A couple notes on this largely symbolic and not really important thing:

  • The users of Netflix go up . It's a number that people are watching. That's why the magic market number of Netflix is ​​increasing.
  • People cut the cords of cable television . Netflix does not have cable TV cords. It does, however, require a cord connected to the Internet. So, he still needs some cord, unless everything goes wirelessly.
  • Netflix spends a lot of money on content . People consume content. The cable is also contained, but it's expensive content. In addition, Comcast will begin to integrate Netflix into its cable subscriptions.
  • They have a very different price-benefit ratio . Comcast is valued as a real business. Netflix is ​​rated as … well, something that is developing that may be a bigger company than Comcast. Perhaps.
  • Comcast earns a lot more money than Netflix . Netflix achieved a turnover of $ 3.7 billion in the first quarter. Comcast had $ 22.8 billion and free cash flow of $ 3.1 billion. Netflix says it will have – $ 3 billion to $ 4 billion in free cash flow in 2018.

Whatever it is, Netflix will present its next results in a few months, and this number will certainly change, because it's quite arbitrary since Netflix is ​​not valued like other companies. The course of action does not fluctuate as much as Bitcoin, but things can be rather random.

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Meanwhile, Riverdale Season 2 is on Netflix, so maybe that's why it's more valuable than Comcast . See you in a few hours.