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Netflix publishes trailers for each episode of Black Mirror Season 4, plus a release date

Netflix teased the next season of Black Mirror at an excruciatingly slow pace.

But now we have everything we need to prepare ourselves emotionally for Season 4, including a release date.

Yesterday, Netflix released the full trailer of season 4, finally informing a desperate fan base that the new season will come out on December 29th. Ringing in 2018 with hope and optimism, no?

If you have not followed, here are the most important details:

The following season has six episodes. The titles of these episodes are U.S.S. Callister, Black Museum, Arkangel, Metalhead, hang DJ, and crocodile. Everyone has his own trailer, which you can see below, in the order in which they were published:





Black Museum


Hang the DJ




U.S.S. Callister


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