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Netflix slowly teases Black Mirror Season 4 with another trailer

Netflix was filed on the release date of Season 4 of Black Mirror. However, the streaming giant continues to make fun of the trailers for each episode. Until now, we have gotten hands on trailers for Arkangel (directed by Jodie Foster) and Crocodile, both of which were scary to our satisfaction.

Today, Netflix has released a trailer for the third of six episodes.

This is called Black Museum with Douglas Hodge and Letitia Wright, and directed by Colm McCarthy. He seems to tell the story of a guy named Rolo Haynes and his Black Museum, where he collected "genuine criminological objects."

"If it did something wrong, chances are it's here," Haynes said in the trailer. "There is a sad patient, the story behind most things here."


Do you recognize something familiar in this trailer? There are some tracks that recall the previous episodes of Black Mirror, suggesting that the whole series is set in a shared universe. Fun.

Netflix is ​​reported to be posting a trailer every other day as part of Netflix's "13 Days of Black Mirror" promotion, and we are half way to the trailer's release. Fortunately, we will have a release date of Season 4 at the end of this trailer.

We will not know for sure until that happens, but one thing we know for sure: "This place is not for the faint of heart."