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Netgear put a cable modem in the last Orbi wifi router

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Generations ago, the Internet was talking about an old saying that implied a man who was excited to hear the love of love. an object by a person, so he favored and put something inside something else. That's what Netgear did here. Netgear has heard so much about netizens that the company has put an Internet modem inside a Wi-Fi router.

The Orbi Wi-Fi system with built-in cable modem is exactly that. It is a Orbi wifi router with a built-in DOCSIS® 3.0 cable modem. In theory, this configuration would make it easier to setup and troubleshoot Internet problems while providing excellent WiFi access at home.

I have an Orbi system at home and it is wonderful. The system does a much better job of covering my house with wifi than my previous single router configuration. Including the cable modem in the installation, however, is quite logical and other network management companies would be smart to follow the example of Netgear. Of course, there is a danger in including a cable modem in a router because one part could become obsolete before the other, but I would say that most consumers upgrade their equipment every few years.

This convinence has a cost. The router with integrated Orbi network costs $ 299 and a system with an Orbi extender costs $ 399