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Neura and In Loco Launch New Efforts to Harness the Real World for Targeting

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From Neura

Two companies are developing content and ad targeting techniques that use new ways to reach the real world.

Neura, based in Sunnyvale, Calif., And In Loco, based in Brazil, use different techniques, but both point out how offline tracking might evolve.

After three years of development and two years of availability only for a selected group of corporate clients, Neura has launched its Moments to the public.

The idea of ​​"moments" is not uncommon in mobile advertising technology companies, such as FollowAnalytics, MediaBrix or MobileFuse, where the focus is on positioning the "right message" at the right time "in real activities. An advertisement for a nearby bar, for example, can be delivered to a smartphone when the location data indicates that the user is at a night game during the last round.

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