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Neuromation announces the development of a platform, sale of chips

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming an integral part of industrial operations. The application of neural networks, automatic learning and increased computing power have enhanced their capabilities and their use. The use of AI by hedge funds to swap billions of securities in a split second and growing integration in transport, health and distribution should propel its market capitalization to more than $ 3 trillion. dollars by 2024. Challenges, namely the availability of well labeled and unbiased data to support and complement the AI ​​learning process. This problem has slowed the rate of adoption of AI because of the prohibitive cost of data conversion, providing the computing power required for learning and talent supply. Neuromation Platform changes all that.

Neuromation is an award-winning technology startup. The company won first place in the investor award at the prestigious d10e Investor Conference for its innovative innovative synthetic data set solution to create a cost-effective learning environment for the training and distribution of neural networks. Neuromation will implement synthetic data and dynamic modeling in industrial applications for the monitoring and prediction of factory operations or real-time shipping using computer vision. The startup is also in the way that computer vision and neural networks can help with biotechnological diagnosis and drug discovery

Neuromation Ecosystem

Using distributed computing powered by blockchain-based work proof tokens, Neuromation will revolutionize the development of the AI ​​model by uniting market resources with
communities, commercial organizations and private entities on an integrated market network.

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Neuromation Platform allows researchers, engineers and designers to create virtual worlds where AI algorithms can not only be trained to stimulate sensory inputs, but also allow computers to learn how to other computers to collect. These synthetic worlds form AIs on live models and have a virtually unlimited amount of well-labeled training data.

Based on recent tests in the retail sector, Neuromation technology has helped users achieve a 95% + accuracy in inventory recognition.

The ecosystem of the platform is driven by Neurotokens (NTK). The token facilitates the exchange of values ​​with one click on the platform and is currently offered to early adopters and investors. Pre-sale whitelist was widely adopted by the community, raising $ 1.5 million and exceeding its "first goal of 2000 ETH". Due to the high demand, the Neuromation presale was also extended until January 1st.

Synergistic Partnerships

Neuromation continues to develop its partnership and vision to become a global resource pool for synthetic data, initiating agreements with key players in the industry, including:

  • ECR Community: A Flagship Community to Deliver Consumer Benefits Through Collaborative Practices Among Trading Partners along the Consumer Goods Value Chain
  • CoinNinja: Prime Bitcoin Mixing Services Platform for Anonymous Transactions
  • TaaS: The very first closed fund tokenized, powered by the Token-as-a-Service business model, allowing contributors to subscribe to the fund's revenue stream.
  • Hacken: a company specializing in cybersecurity based on the blockchain and decentralized whitehat market platform.
  • OSA: Real-Time Value Creation Platform for Retailers, Suppliers and Buyers.
  • Giga-Watt: Leading supplier of multi-service mining solutions in the world.

Neuromation will continue to link service providers to its platform to create an enabling ecosystem for all AI.

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