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New blockchain-based startups create new opportunities for health care

Blockchain technology has enormous potential to disrupt a wide range of industries, ranging from management data to safety and health care


. the information platform will be able to unlock the important value of interoperability and, in turn, reduce costs for healthcare providers and patients.

Hyperlégers for doctor to patient platform

Medicalchain platform aims to use the Blockchain to improve the storage of health records. The various institutions such as doctors, hospitals, laboratories, research institutes and health will be able to request permission to access a patient's file in order to provide their services and record transactions. on the big book

with Civic: this will facilitate one of the ways by which doctors will be able to embark using the Integrated Civic application at Medicalchain.

This is a safer and more reliable way of enlisting doctors because they must be verified and their operating license must be verified. Mo Tayeb, co-founder of Medicalchain explains to Cointelegraph:

"Blockchain technology will change the way health care is managed forever Blockchain allows clinicians and patients alike. be confident that the medical records are accurate and up-to-date because the distributed registry ensures an incorruptible and unsubstantiated version of the data that may be relevant at a given time.An unquestionable single version of the truth is not feasible with the Current systems and current infrastructure. "

Medicalchain uses Hyperledger Fabric, built by The Linux Foundation in collaboration with a few companies including IBM.

The US market is special

The patient claims to have a solution that aims to create a patient-centered platform designed to eliminate pain points in healthcare settings Centralized and interact with health IT infrastructure to improve with changing trends in health care management.

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There are some differences between the two companies, related to business, targets and technology.

Medicalchain does not seek It works in partnership with hospitals and health organizations, but directly addresses patients and offers them to have their records on their platform regardless of the organization of care to which they belong

Also, Patient's The US market, while Medicalchain wants to cover the entire world.

However, in both cases, the goal is to give r their health data, this will allow them to better manage their care, thanks to the Blockchain

Authorized Blockchain: a contradiction in terms?

Disrupting health care or any other industry would only be possible with the use of Blockchain technology, but this is based on the principle of complete decentralization and not on an authorized network such as the one designed by Hyperledger

Is this a contradiction in thought and process?

Mo Tayeb explained to us why his company decided to use a private channel like Hyperledger: "With Hyperledger, Medicalchain will allow patients to control the permissions of their medical records – who will have access, to what information they will have access to and how long.This also allows health professionals to trust the integrity of medical records since patients will only have read-only access while Certified and verified clinicians will have permission to read and write. "