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New Google AdWords Responsive Ads may display 3 titles

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We are finally here. Set up an ad with multiple titles and a few descriptions, and Google will begin to test combinations dynamically to serve the combination deemed most likely to achieve the stated goal of the advertiser. Oh, and get more real estate than a standard text ad to give a boost to the new machine learning option.

Google's new responsive search ads are now in beta in AdWords, but are not yet available to all advertisers.

They are part of the continuum allowing machine learning models to do creative optimization work. Some of the initiatives that preceded it: dynamic search ads, automated ad suggestions (formerly ads added by Google), and Google's efforts over the last year to get advertisers to drop A / B testing manuals and add at least three ads per group of ads C is the same concept, just more automated. And, of course, there is the push towards optimizing the rotation of automated ads.

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