New P2P Decentralized Platform Facilitating Crypto and Fiat Exchanges

At the end of January 2018, Streamity, a start-up based in Singapore and of Russian origin, launched its D & P application. ExchangeDesk cryptocurrency exchange, which allows to exchange different currencies. from user to user without intermediary. The project is now working on the creation of the Decentralized Platform, which they say will "revolutionize the modern market for crypto trading."

Market Insight

less once, every cryptocurrency owner has faced the same problem: where to change cryptos to fiat? Hundreds of online exchanges have been launched over the last year, but they are not easy to manage. The commissions are unreasonably high and the trades themselves are not stable, even the biggest can suspend their work brutally or even collapse, as was the case with BTC-e in August 2017 after the '' ''. intervention of US authorities

currently, it is impossible to send a small amount of funds through most existing cryptocurrency exchange services, as they have introduced amounts of minimum transaction. In most cases, this minimum amount impedes users who want to use the services to make small donations or buy movie tickets or online games.

The Streamity team aims to eliminate the disadvantages of the existing cryptocurrency exchange system. Its StreamDesk application will send transactions as small as $ 2 through its servers with almost zero fees. The startup indicates that it will make the cryptocurrency, the fiat money exchange process completely independent and secure through the use of intelligent contract architecture and of the API of payment systems.

No more transactions

According to the company's website, StreamDesk was designed to avoid scenarios where the exchange is rendered inactive for several hours because of # Successful hacking, which in most cases results in the loss of the customer's deposit. To do this, StreamDesk deploys the use of smart contracts coupled with numerous verifications and encryption algorithms to secure its transactions.

"For users selling cryptocurrencies, a purchase order is available in the queue.the seller and the buyer are attached because there will always be orders in Waiting for purchase and sale simply waiting for the answers of users who intend to buy or sell, "says the Medium Streamity blog.Existing trading platforms, where the delay between buying and selling can be hugely large, sometimes exceeding 12 hours.Some existing platforms will even cancel the transaction order automatically if a party fails to respond within a specified time.

During its pre-sale in January, the startup raised $ 2.8 million.Streamity plans to launch its official crowdfunding campaign on March 12, 2018 and will end on March 25. The STM tokens will be launched on the Ethereum platform using the ERC 20 standard and will have n ceiling of $ 20 million.

According to the Streamity website, the STM chips will no longer be issued in the future, the number of STM will be strictly limited to 180 mln chips, and the value of a token will be equal to $ 0.2 . The chips will be distributed in proportion to the number of placements acquired during the OIC campaign, including bonuses and additional rewards.

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