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New report reveals retailers can further improve e-mail efficiency

Extract from RSR / Coherent Path Report

All these young whippersnapper technologies can brag about their new features at a glance, but the human email continues to deliver the goods.

To discover how this venerable channel generates a return on investment of 3.800% (by Direct Marketing Association), RSR (Retail Systems Research) has created a free report on "Measuring Email & # 39; s Effectiveness", sponsored by the service email provider Coherent Path.

This study analyzed the e-mail practices of 138 retailers – some of whom are Coherent Path customers – on the list of the top 500 Internet retailers, based on each email sent by retailers to an unknown or generic March user. 2016 to March. year. The recipients were not subscribed to this retailer's loyalty program and the retailer knew nothing of their preferences. The emails were acquired through the intermediary of a third party tool, MailCharts.

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