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New start-up based on blockchain creates new opportunities for charity

CharityStars is an online auction platform for the nonprofit sector that has launched a series of auctions with leading leaders in the Blockchain

The auction, which will be closed on December 18, includes meetings with Dr. Julian Hosp, co-founder and chairman of TenX, Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash, Brock Pierce, president of The Bitcoin Foundation, Erik Voorhees, CEO of ShapeShift,

"We believe that joining such reputable leaders will not only attract the deserved attention to charities in need, but will also highlight the amazing benefits that this emerging technology can bring to the non-profit sector. "

Francesco Nazari Fusetti, CEO of CharitySta rs

"While the use of crypto-currencies and the adoption of Blockchain are becoming more common, the e Users of this technology have a great deal of responsibility . At the forefront of this revolution is our responsibility to raise awareness, not only about what technology can accomplish, but how we need to work together as a community to achieve it.

Erik Voorhees, CEO of ShapeShift

Auction Products

All proceeds from these auctions will be donated to the Blockchain Education Network ( BEN), an international non-profit organization dedicated to creating a network of students, the Bancor Foundation, which promotes the development and adoption of the Bancor protocol, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) , the world's largest organization for nature conservation, Save the Children, an international non-governmental organization that promotes children's rights, and Unsung, an online community in the United States that seeks to resolve hunger

"Although I always cherish the opportunity to talk at length about such a fascinating industry, the chance to sit down and make it a good cause is to both exciting and inspiring. The use cases of Blockchain are unlimited, but the charitable sector has always been an area in which the Blockchain application is particularly beneficial, and I am delighted to be part of it.

Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash

Encryption Payments

A Few Weeks ago, CharityStars Announced the Establishment BTC and ETH payments on his site, to allow his users to bid on two popular digital currencies, and an auction to meet Cristiano Ronaldo.

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The auction winner paid 36 $ 000 from Bitcoin to meet Ronaldo and the profits were donated to the Forever Dream Foundation ICO

CharityStars plans to use the Blockchain to have a more transparent system to provide users with a simpler process

For this reason, they created AidCoin – a project supported by CharityStars – to implement Blockchain in the non-profit world.

To finance this project, CharityStars has launched a pre-ICO through the ICO engine of Eidoo, raising 8333 ETH

AidCoin is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum. Blockchain – which will become a method of giving and paying service fees throughout the non-profit ecosystem. The online donation market is $ 15 billion in the United States alone

In addition, on January 16, AidCoin will launch its ICO with a price of 1000 AID = 1 ETH.