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Newsflash: Rampant Bitcoin Price Breaks Beyond $ 6,900

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The Bitcoin price continues to climb while the stock market value of cryptocurrency in the world stock exchanges is around $ 6,949.

The price of bitcoin jumped $ 6,900 in the first hours of Thursday, reaching another record for the second consecutive day in November.

Bitfinex USD trades reached a new record high of $ 6,949 at 6:00 am (UTC) on Thursday as the global average peaked at $ 6,979 thanks to premiums in major markets such as Korea. At the time of going to press, the Korean market shows a gap of more than $ 300 compared to other major global bitcoin markets, retail investors continuing to accumulate at the time when the world's first currency should be integrated by CME Group, the largest stock exchange in the world. owner. Announced earlier Tuesday, CME's plans to list Bitcoin futures are widely regarded as the most important factor in the current bitcoin rally.

As reported by CCN earlier, minor factors include "rumors surrounding the possibility that the Chinese government will resume cryptocurrency trading after President Xi Jinping's reelection later this year, the decline in support for the rigid fork SegWit2x in November, and the strong performance of the Japanese market in recent weeks and months.

The total value of 16.659 million bitcoins extracted (against a limit of 21 million) has now reached 115 billion dollars. If bitcoin fell on the global M1 (liquid money metric) scale of the CIA 's global list, it would rank 34th with more cash in circulation than Turkey and Brazil.

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