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Newsflash: The Bitcoin price reaches a new historical record of $ 6,300

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Another week, another all-time record for the world's most popular cryptocurrency, with a peak of more than $ 6,300.

Prices have reached unprecedented levels of more than $ 6,200 over the past 10 days, and the growing adoption and appetite of bitcoin has pushed prices above $ 6,300 after a another record weekend. In the last hours of Sunday (UTC), the price of bitcoin hit a new record of $ 6,345.

While the factors behind the last wave are not immediately clear, the growing importance of Bitcoin in the mainstream in the form of an investment instrument putting Highlighting remarkable gains has sparked investor interest globally. The new record means that the value of bitcoin has increased more than 530% since the turn of 2017, after earning $ 1,000 on January 1st.

At the time of going to press, the rise has slowed somewhat, with world trade averaging $ 6,146.75. Yet, CoinmarketCap data once again show the total value of all mined bitcoins now worth more than $ 100 billion after gaining 7% on Sunday.

Elsewhere, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) breakaway cryptocurrency that took shape in early August also posted notable gains over the weekend, rising from $ 400 to $ 522 with a spike in 30%.

Image from Shutterstock.