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Newsflash: The price of Bitcoin peaks reaches a new high record close to $ 7,450

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The Bitcoin price hit its all-time high of $ 7,447 during Friday's trading.

The last bitcoin rally continues its volatile trajectory as the value of the global cryptocurrency reached a new high on Friday. Bitcoin prices hit new heights every November, fueled by the Wall Street buzz, announced by CME Group, the world's largest derivatives exchange, to allow trading in Bitcoin futures before the end of the year. # 39; year. approval.

On Friday, the price of bitcoin reached a new record of $ 7,747 on Bitfinex at 09:30 (UTC). At the time of going to press, bitcoin is trading at the dollar at $ 7,392.

BravenewCoin data show that the world average price of bitcoin – taking into account various differences between global markets – reaches a new high of $ 7,419.38. The Japanese market led the way globally, followed by stock markets in US dollars and South Korea, with more than $ 3.5 billion in bitcoin flows between the three markets over a period of 24 hours.

According to CoinmarketCap, bitcoin is now up 4.6% on the day with overall gains of 26.4% over a 7 day period. The total value of the market capitalization of bitcoin is now over $ 123 billion.

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